FASHION NEWS: Remembering Style Icon Elizabeth Taylor


Today the world mourns style icon Elizabeth Taylor as the legendary actress passed away at the age of 79. Elizabeth Taylor’s dark beauty captivated America and she was one of the last living legends from the golden age of film.
In her movies, Elizabeth Taylor made each costume seem marvelous. She has given us some of the most iconic looks in Hollywood including the white dress from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and the full skirted dress from A Place In The Sun. Of course her Egyptian style from Cleopatra with the gold headpiece and dramatic makeup is one of the most iconic looks of our time, influencing beauty to this day.
Off screen her style was often more extravagant. She loved dramatic and large dresses from designers like Halston and Valentino paired with elaborate hair styles. She wasn’t afraid to try anything including turbans, capes, furs, taffeta, Elizabeth_Taylorkaftans and tiaras worn with sheath dresses. Many of her fashion choices over the years on screen and off have made their way onto runways all over the world.
Elizabeth said of her style, “I never worried about good or bad taste… I dressed to please myself, the man in my life, or the character onscreen.”
Over the years, Taylor’s passion of jewelry became well known and a book, My Love Affair With Jewelry, was even written on her collection. Her most famous pieces included a 33.19-carat Krupp Diamond, 69.42-carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond and a 50-carat La Peregrina pearl owned by Mary I of England. Her own jewelry collection, The Elizabeth Collection, is sold at Christie’s.
Her memory will live on through her family, films and her influence in the fashion world. The source of